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There's a taco shop in Phoenix named JOYRIDE and they have a clever menu and HUGE happy hour that is from 1pm-4pm. Arizona.

I always remember thinking how clutch that early timing was and how they were crushing it by doing the same thing differently. Making the standard... fun; the ordinary...surprising.

Yesterday, someone said to me..."isn't life SUCH a joyride?" I think they meant to say "journey", but just that they used joyride instead made me certain that I was definitely using that from here on out. Somehow swapping the words makes it all feel right-like an easy explanation for all of life's curveballs, victories, struggles & miracles. Daily, weekly, yearly...of course all this shit happens..... its a joyyyyyride.

At the Barn one morning, I called the stations- "parties" instead during the overview and the entire vibe of the room instantly changed. Everyone was about to do the same exact work, but was thinking of it as a party... instead of a station, the kind of jedi mind trick we all needed to start?? Maybe there are a few other swaps that we could make that can uplevel our mindset about it all.

The Burpee Challenge this week that brought out such amazing effort and moments- would there be less dred if we called it a burpee BASH? Plank pushing weights across the floor maybe seems way better when we call them SLEDS? (maybe not :) A 50 burpee/100 rope slam combo feels way more doable calling it STARS & STRIPES. Would the WOODIE sprints seem as hard if we called them treadmills? Are the ECHOS really just BEACH CRUISERS- I don't know even know.

What's more fun, a GYM or a BAR? (  

Here's 2 minute take about gym life by one of my favorites.)

Again, there is something about mindset and how just shifting how we think of something can make all the difference. Same thing, differently. The standard, fun. The ordinary, surprising.

What if this Beau Collective journey is really just a JOYRIDE with no final destination (even though we are working nonstop on it). I mean, we have moved people from a hotel basement, to a temple sport court to an abandoned barn and now to.... {{ you'll hear this week :) }} . We've always just had fun with the ordinary.

We've done the same thing differently for years. We love being on this collective ship with you all. The next few weeks will reveal a fun closing AND opening of chapters at the same time.

So we all keep rolling through life searching for what fills our cups, we just buckle up for the ride, feel all the good feels and hold on tighter in parts. A joyride sounds like a nice alternative to a journey these days. Let's see how the week of errands can become encounters, meetings turn into powwows, appointments become events, obligations turn into opportunities. Can we lighten up the serious parts of the ride today and beyond...

Lindsay is on a well deserved fam vacation this week & I am teaching all the classes till she gets back. Week 7 starts soon and there will be a CHALLENGE DAY sometime before next weekend- maybe we'll call it a FIESTA DAY instead and see who gets excited... and then we'll go get tacos.

See you Barnside...