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posted by whit & lindsay

Dear Beauco-

Happy 4th birthday- you make 4 look amazing ...and this rings in our 4th year of us not oversleeping the early classes! 😉

WHAT are we celebrating?

4 years, 16 sessions, with thousands of moments that have led to some of our favorite memories! From Hotel Park City, to the Temple, to the Barn- this community of 300+ has stolen our hearts and made our lives bigger & better. This Collective has connected all of us with so many people that we might not have ever known in Park City. Our people around the country follow our world through social media and random tourists visit us and become fast friends. We are celebrating all the little victories and all of the big shifts over the last four years… we are convinced that there is a little bit of magic in it all.

WHAT Does a year mean?

48 weeks of work (The OFFSEASON week happens 4x a year)

1,350 classes

24,000 towels

11,000 mints- (we figure we each each about 3,600 mints a year)

2,000 or so green apples

4 totally different seasons in Park City

lots of drinks from the fridge and the coffee maker

We are often asked – so WHAT is the Beau Collective? We LOVE this question-we can happily talk about this place for hours and we usually end the conversation with “you just need to come see it to understand.”

In a few words its HIIT style training + HOSPITALITY focus with some of the most wonderful people in this town. Community is at our core- Fitness & Elevating people is our first focus and creating an EXPERIENCE where a good sweat, with good music, good people & a good upbeat atmosphere is a nice departure from the daily grind.

Essentially, we roll out fitness parties everyday... and then some.

WHAT gives?

GIVING is what makes LIVING so great and we are an enthusiastic YES when we are asked to donate or support in Park City.

We love this town, the community and all the passion projects that people rally about.

Giving back is a HUGE part of what we get to do and we love doing it on behalf of our member roster. This year we have given over $7,000 to various entities- some of our favorites are EATS Park City, Mountain Town Music, The Christian Center, Shining Stars, PCEF, YSA, and hours of our time have been donated to kids programming and other special events.

WHAT now?

And now as we see hit the 4 year mark, it feels a little like Senior Year. We remember freshman year at Hotel Park City all newbie like, then sophomore year we got settled at the Barn and with our new app. Junior Year we studied abroad at our retreats in Cabo and New York City and now.... it might just be time look towards graduation.

We have been working to ensure that The Beau Collective will have a permanent home in Park City and we are very excited about it and will continue to reveal details as we have them. Sometimes we do have to believe something before we see it. We see Summer '19 as an exciting time for growth and change and know that its the power of all of you that has inspired and motivated us to take a leap and once again get gusty on another journey together- SEAU stay tuned! And while its time to HIIT the road next summer... there is plenty of time and work to do at the Barn now as 4 year olds and we are getting set for Week 11 & Planksgiving Week.

Thank you 4 everything BeauCo. Thank you 4 making us proud, making us hopeful, making us laugh, making us cry, making our days a life we love...we can’t believe that this is what we get to do everyday.

We are grateful 4 every way you support us, big and small- we admire what you all do and that we can all be a part of something together everyday, makes this work 4ever feel like play.

This Collective is good 4 the heart, mind & soul and what you bring to it every day has been SEAU very good 4 us.

And we are excited to look 4ward; a new chapter awaits and we promise we will pour our FOUR years of our heart and hustle into every detail.

Happy 4th Birthday :)



Whit & Lindsay