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posted by lindsay

We are a fitness facility that is run by a group of women that don’t really consider themselves “fitness” people! We LOVE exercise, believe whole heartedly in HIIT style training and are constantly reading and learning as much as we can about the world of fitness-but we often find that our focus is different than other people we meet in the industry.

I recently read an article that discussed the top 10 benefits of exercise:

  1.  It can make you feel happier
  2. It can help with weight loss
  3. It is good for your muscles and bones
  4. It can increase your energy levels
  5. It can reduce your risk of chronic disease
  6. It can help skin health
  7. It can help your brain health and memory
  8. It can help with relaxation and sleep quality
  9. It can reduce pain
  10. It can promote a better sex life

I agree with all of these and think they are valuable and 100% accurate. However, our focus is 95% on benefit #1! Feeling happier…… so simple, yet hard at times. Life can be complicated and messy. The challenges are real, the stress is real, the responsibilities are real. It is so easy to let those things take over. These are the moments that focusing on what and who makes us feel good become even more important. We have to invest our time in the places and people that bring true happiness.

We feel SEAU proud that we are that for our community. We love that our focus will always be on changing how people feel on the INSIDE and we see the other changes happening….we notice when people move from 12 pound to 15 pound weights, we see people running faster on the woodies or pushing harder on the echos. These accomplishments are AMAZING and we love cheering you on as you become stronger. But what brings us to tears are the stories of people that were depressed and now feel better, people who were lonely and made friends, people who have really hard things going on and come to us to help them get through their days. We love it all…but that is the GOOD STUFF!!