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change is life

posted by Kelsey

In the waves of change we find our direction.

We are changing seasons from summer to fall.

We are about to change our clocks back, inviting in shorter days, longer nights.

We are changing the location of where we sweat together.

Our Earth spins on an axis, we are always in a state of movement + change.

One thing we all know is change is constant. Not always big changes, but something is always changing around us or within is. Our life, our world, is always in motion and we are constantly adjusting, even if we don’t always realize it. Some of us love change and some of us, not so much. At times change can bring excitement, uncertainty, doubt, fear, a rollercoaster of emotions.

In the barn I see all sorts of change. I see people change the weights they are using, some increase for more challenge, some decrease when their body is asking for a bit of a break. I see people changing who they sweat with in the room as they get to know one another. I see people change how they approach a 2nd minute of an EMOM because they now know how hard they have to work to earn that rest!

At my “other job” we recently went through a re-organization of our department. This is common at organizations and it created big shifts in how our team works and our job titles. This change in my life brought up some points that centered me through this process of change.

Evaluate your level of control-set your sights on what you can control. When you are faced with a change that makes you uncomfortable or that feels hard ask yourself “What can I take responsibility for in this movement of change? If you look for opportunities to empower yourself, you are less likely to feel stuck if you are a natural change resister!

Check your thought patters- sometimes we see things as black and white and that makes change feel hard. Take the time to examine your thought patterns. You might find some space to nudge your thinking a bit…to find the gray, find the acceptance of the change in front of you.

Be in the Present- when you worry about what the future will bring in a time of change, we often forget to be in the present moment, observe what is happening around us. Acknowledge what is taking you from the present moment and choose a way to restore presence.

And lastly, Find your priorities- the most resilient people see change as an opportunity rather than something that holds them back. Transitions in our lives allow us to consider where our priorities lie. Do a gut check. With a clear sense of your direction in life, your goals and values you will be better equipped to tackle any stressors of change.

We are creatures of habit and we are social by nature. We aren’t programmed to operate change, or life for that matter, without the support of others. Geau get around the people that pull the magic out of you. Navigate calm and rough waters and get out there and embrace the change, your life depends on it-well because life is change and change is life.