Mom/ DAUGHTER self-defense

    10 week program

    Fridays 2:30pm-3:30pm Ages 8+


    About the 10-week Mom/Daughter session in Park City:

    Fridays @ 2:30 @ Beau Collective

    Dates: Students should plan on attending all the classes within the session to maximize the benefits of Krav Maga training.

    9/9, 9/16, 9/23, 9/30, 10/7 (no class 10/14/22), 10/21, 10/28, 11/4, 11/11, 11/18
    Price:  $252 for a mom/daughter pair.
    What to Wear:
    * Long Pants- leggings, sweats or joggers are fine as long as they are full length
    * T-Shirt- NOT a tank top
    * Lightweight sneakers

    Week 1- Why train Krav Maga? Today we will learn the basic stance and footwork. We will also practice strikes with elbows and knees

    Week 2- Review elbows, knees and strikes from last class. We will then learn some basic kicks to vulnerable targets as well as how to fall safely and get back up

    Week 3- Review kicks, fall break and technical stand up. Today we will begin learning punches and basic punch combos

    Week 4- Intro to grip breaks and disabling chokes

    Week 5- Protect yourself at all times. 360o defense and offense with punches

    Week 6- Intro to Pad Work. We will be using muay thai pads or focus mitts to work on striking technique and power as well as how to hold pads for training

    Week 7- Review grip breaks and expand on choke defense material

    Week 8- Review 360o defense and offense. Intro to defenses against shoulder pull and hair grabs

    Week 9- What happens if you go to the ground? We try to stay on our feet in krav maga, but that doesn’t always happen. Techniques for escaping from an attacker on the ground

    Week 10- Review grip breaks, choke defenses and hair grabs. Practice punch and kick combos and leave some time for questions and review of anything else participants would like to see again.

    Instructor Bio:
    Danielle is a Utah native raised in Park City. She discovered Krav Maga in 2009 at the University of Utah, signing up for the class as an elective while completing an environmental studies degree. Continuing to train Krav Maga after graduation, she eventually began to complement krav maga training with muay Thai and jiu jitsu, eventually going to compete in the local MMA circuit. She has taught kickboxing and women’s self defense classes and currently coaches kids’ ninja training. Danielle is also a certified yoga teacher and has taught yoga since 2015. Danielle loves coaching and helping students find their inner strength and confidence through learning to defend themselves and finding what they are capable of. She currently lives in SLC with her partner, his daughter and their 2 dogs.
    RSVP to secure your spot:
    Please venmo @danagrinnell a $50 deposit to secure your spot & write Krav Maga in the text field. The rest will be due at the first session. Or, if you would prefer to pay as you go, we can arrange that too!
    Here’s to empowering ourselves & our girls!
    With Gratitude,

    Dana Grinnell




    9/26 10:30am





    The Beau Collective swung open its Park City doors in 2015 as a fitness and social hub for Parkites to challenge themselves physically, evolve themselves internally and enjoy themselves socially.
    The goal was to fuse hard workouts with local hospitality; cementing camaraderie and good juju

    and now, what started with 24 people has a current roster of HUNDREDS OF AWESOME LOCALS.

    The classes are 45 minutes of HIIT style training in a team based atmosphere full of upbeat people, loud, fun music and inspirational whimsy. The perpetual mindset is to work hard inside,

    so that everyone leaves to play even stronger amongst Park City’s extraordinary outdoor playground.

    Community is at the core of The Beau Collective and the consistency of the workouts.

    dawn after dawn WE ARE a place where people elevate

    each other & craft the best version of themselves.




    Your time. Every time. This unique way of registering for classes has enabled people to find engaging HIIT fitness & community multiple times a week. You never need to worry if you'll get in, the spot is yours.



    We build on the efforts every week, people are excited to see you, you become stronger than you believed and we don't take it all too seriously.

    One month at a time.




    Our app is there for when life happens and to keep BEAUCO flexible for all. Teammates float through the schedule & we happily assist with scheduling to make sure all classes are made up. Our agreement is that you SHEAU up for us and we will SHEAU up for you.



    fitness purveyor. mom to three. connection builder.

    experience enthusiast.

    Whit was always athletic, but she was more the one who rallied friends to the bar for drink specials and creatively got mix tapes to play on repeat at late night parties.


    In college, she played beach volleyball and ran... a little...but typically over to Hacienda's, which was a great spot for margaritas just outside of Loyola Marymount University.


    Whit stumbled upon group workouts after having a baby, when she most needed to find a way to grab a social outlet, circle up her emotional wagons and get her endorphins and body back.


    So it began, training... motivation, soreness, seeing results, signing up for races, getting people to go for runs early in the AM, and ultimately realizing that she felt so blah on days that exercise didn't happen. She met really inspiring people by being into this kind of stuff and soon realized, they made her better.


    She began teaching classes, reading, studying, understanding the process of effective exercise and its now a super passion. Social cohesiveness is one step to fitness accountability and it is one of her favorites. People elevate efforts, dig deeper and request more of each other when we are part of something...and they return day after day when its unique, fun, and results surface.


    Whit also started working as a concierge in a boutique hotel in 2013 and got to know all shades of Park City and made connections and relationships that she continues to pass along to participants to this day. She fiercely believes that there is strength in numbers ....and that those numbers, often times, like to get drinks together after a workout. Everybody wins.







    up-cycler. up-leveler. kid & pet & goal chaser. happy camper.

    Kelsey came right in the door from the Midwest with a way and style that wins everyone over.

    She can't remember a time when she wasn't active. Growing up with a big family and a mother with a lot of energy, the fam was always on the move! Competitive sports in high school and college left her with a strong appetite and desire to always have fitness as a big part of her life. After her first son, she took on the challenge of running marathons. With full time jobs and toddlers -running was always her go-to, no excuse, can do anywhere, anytime workout. She has worked out some really important life challenges on the trails.


    She then went to work for an organization that keeps yoga at the core, (that was the ying to her running's yang). Fast forward 5 years... the family moved to Park City and found the HIIT haven, The Beau Collective! She spent 3 years taking classes before crushing her group fitness certification and joining the team! (Some of the most motivating, strong inside and out, group of women she knows :).


    Her coaching style is simple, hard, FUN, and creative as she loves bringing in new combeaus to her programming. She loves a GREAT playlist, and doesn't take anything in life too seriously (not even burpees!) She believes that people are capable of doing hard things and being a part of the The Beau Collective reaffirms that for her every day.

    When she is not sweating or coaching, she is chasing her 3 boys down a ski hill, or mountain biking trail, hiking with her pups, camping or drinking good tequila!



    all season tailgater. rough and tumble BOY mom. rain or shine runner. faith, family & friends driven

    Our outdoor captain is the biggest breath of fresh air you’re going to meet. Drill sets just go better with her spirit and her cackly laugh. Core grind repeaters? Got ‘em. Amazing playlist? Check. Confident and encouraging direction? Errryday.  First-grade teacher turned fitness instructor, Rachel found her love for fitness after her first son was born and she needed something to jump-start her routine and inner strength. She found all that hustle and heart with the Beau collective and slowly worked her way from eager participant to motivated coach. Rachel believes in the power of community and sticking with people who bring out your magic and help you realize your full potential. When your daily tasks turn from things that you “have to do” into things that you “GET to do” then you have some serious inspiration brewing, and that feeling is something she hopes to ignite at every class. The daily hustle and that sigh of accomplishment after a good sweat are what drives her, and she will be the first to cheers and high five all the accomplishments when Happy Hour rolls around!


    dance maven. texan. mom mom mom. faithful motivator.


    Power Hour crowd force by morning and T/Th evening barnside captain by night...Christa took the helm of our increasingly popular apres work sweat party and........

    Happy Hour just. got. happier folks. It’s currently on pause, because...pandemic...but we know if anyone is about to rally the crew, rise up and sunset -it’s Christa. She hasn’t stopped since March.


    Christa has always been active, a competitive dancer growing up and even more focused at Texas A&M University. She is now a Texan who lives in the mountains of Utah, and she wouldnʼt want it any other way...”yʼall.” Although she misses the people, the Astros, and the Mexican food, she definitely prefers the mountain lifestyle and pace of Park City to the humidity and mosquitos of Houston.


    Christaʼs husband, Rob, brought her to the mountains of Utah and their Young Life ministry and an amazing community have kept them here. Together they have four active kids who keep life fun and full - and loud! Running was kind of her thing and however, achy knees and her desire for something more social kept her looking for a new jam.


    While growing her family, Christa fell in love with the motivation and collaboration that group fitness brought - not to mention the accountability. She saw what these kind of classes did for her both physically and emotionally; and she longed to see her other mom friends have the same experience. She knows that getting out the door with little ones is a challenge, but to JUST get to class and sweat... itʼs a total win! She has several certifications and longs to continue to learn and grow as an instructor.


    What started as a challenge and active outlet, is now a passion for Christa. Teaching, motivating, encouraging - itʼs a constant theme in her journey and itʼs what keeps Christa giddy the night before every class. She has a heart for men and women to be fully whole - to move in joy and confidence.

    Hands and glasses up-CHEERS to that!!






  • we have been so appy.







  • this is our

    very. first. pandemic.


    join us as we open our doors & deliver:



    peace of mind.




    a killer workout.

    ** contact whit for any more details of operation


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