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What connects us



Throughout the last several months I have been very tuned into

what brings people together…. What makes people connect…What creates the community that we all need and want in our lives. “HOW do you build community” is a question that we receive often, and we don’t always have the most clear-cut answer.

Community is built from making connections over and over again. Connection is often just a shared experience. It is why you will high five a stranger in a fitness class or randomly chat with someone wearing your alma mater’s hat. I can’t explain why I feel like I like everyone I see wearing an Arizona Wildcat shirt and question everyone in an ASU shirt…It truly makes zero sense, but it’s the truth.

The shared experience of our past connects us!

This weekend the US will come together to watch a football game. People that have not watched one down of football all year will sit down for the Super Bowl and instantly become a fan. Some people are excited about the commercials, some the game, some the snacks. We all do it, because we all do it and it’s fun to be a part of it all!

This shared experience connects us!

One week ago, we all experienced the devastating passing of Kobe Bryant and the other 8 people on board his helicopter. The crash made an impact. It impacted us as spouses, as parents, as friends, as humans. This shared experience of loss that we all have bonded us together. Not because we are all die hard basketball fans, or even fans of Kobe- but because as we look around, we are all sharing grief over losing a legend so young and grieving the stories of all others on board. We all have broken hearts for the families that lost loved ones. We are all giving ourselves pep talks that we are not going to let this make us live in fear, but use it as fuel to truly live each day.

The shared experience connects us!

Our BeauCo community is made up of people that areages 10 - 60. We have men, women and children. Our people come from all over Park City and from all different social groups. But yet- we are all connected by what we share and what we have in common. I think if we all focus on what connects us versus what is different, we can all come together a little more and what could be BETTER than that!!