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They say that what you THINK about during your DOWNTIME is what you are really passionate about.

“They” say that… but here’s the thing, I kind of agree...when I have downtime.

I mean, aside from the day to day operational plan for my life and fostering the well being of 3 kids, a husband and my overall village; my mind wanders often about ALOT; but it dwells in the same spot a lot of the time. A blurry combination of health, family, fitness, music, hospitality, helping people, good food, camaraderie, travel, life hacks, creativity, drink specials, soulful insight, clever anything etc.

Who’s with me?

ALL of these things can get and keep my attention SO well. WHAT do you do with that?

I wish I could remember important history dates or authors the way my mind knows song titles and their artists; or if I could only keep track of political policies the way that I can retain fitness drills and favorite hotel lobbies, but it has just never been that way.

It’s a gift and a curse.

But again, back to the quote up top..

It turns out, these are just some of the things I really dig IN ADDITION to my family village.

So there's a whole buffett of things I love and lately, I've decided to pull something cohesive together to gather them all. Add “creative projects” to the above list.

I decided to take a step to give them all a place to dwell in my life more than just in my mind, whenever I can….

Cases in point:

I never thought I’d blog… but now I am gonna start (sorrrta).

I haven’t had a real site for my fitness pursuits or to interact with my participants… but now I am setting ‘em up.

I've wanted to compile some creative plans for my kids, myself and my community, so I thought I'd set myself up a home base. Check.

I’ve always kind of kicked around the idea of doing private group training with a little flair of hospitality & team atmosphere… so today’s the day I’m giving it a gutsy go.

Now, I’m not setting the world ablaze or providing any sweeping insight here, clearly.

But.. I will say, I am excited to create a legacy of sorts for my village, to join some amazing people in their pursuits and that at the end of the day, when my mind circles back to those things that I am passionate about, I’ll feel like I am living in the thick of them.

SO …let’s THINK about the things we think about and what we think about THEM.

Is it time to give what hangs around in our minds a new home?

Go get after it.

Out you BEAU!