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one sweat fits all

posted by whit

We bring something for everyone and everyone brings something to us.

We are constantly interested in freshening up our offerings, but staying true to our roots and our ethos. We love the dichotomy of what we offer. We are high intensity but laid back...we are hyper focused, but casual in our styles. The interior of the Barn is full of energy and life, but the landscaping outside is literally without hydration :). Our retail is 12 square feet, but we open at sunrise and move a ton of product. We have a commanding presence in the community, but we are still a secret spot. Our people are so strong, but lighthearted at the same time. Truly this Collective really is upscale on the downlow.

"The more the leaders of an organization are willing to grow and expand, the more vibrant the organization will be..."

We've evolved with the times over 4 years. We are hospitality based people at the Barn, we are are fierce cheerleaders and pleasers to the core. We're down to be up for anything that makes your time with us an experience.

Here's what we offer now that we didn't when we started in 2015:

CAMP BEAUCO- a mix of sweaty & social inspiration for lil' people ages 10+.

HAPPY HOUR - an apres work- workout rally for the young professionals & teachers etc in our lives.

FULL STEAM- a 60 minute version of our jam during the school season mid-mornings.

CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING- private events for companies in town to work together in a different way.

YOGA- we offer a weekly complimentary stretch thats open to all of Park City.

SWEATEBRATIONS- private & custom workouts and hang time for special occasions.

SUMMER SWEAT SERIES- extended weekend workouts full of inside & outside hustle.

FAMILY STYLE SUNDAY NIGHTS- a night dedicated to parent/ kid workouts.

*THE HUSTLE- our revered jam for our friends ages 60+ (coming back soon!)

And currently, we are actively modifying for our seasoned members who are:



& those that may have a *PLANK SENSITIVITY....

We really want the sweat to be great for everyone that walks through the doors and we've tried to craft and encourage ideas for all.

We wrapped CAMP BEAUCO this week and it really is one of our favorite weeks of the 48 weeks each year. These kids inspire us and the term "infectious" arrived on the last day as our good friend and speaker Jae Schmutz talked about the power of attitude and camaraderie.

These kids hung on his words and so did I... "everything is infectious".

So it goes in life. How we act, how we treat people, how we work, our attitudes- its ALL infectious- so as he says- put the good stuff out there. That's what we try to do as Barn leaders and as people. Integrity and goodness are constant north stars as we try new stuff and grow and we thrive around others that are out there too... just trying to infect the GOOD STUFF. Each week- we can all sweat ourselves free in the same spot no matter what place we're in and as life expands around us. Trust is built in the tiny moments, we direct how we expand and infect... and what we bring is everything.