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posted by lindsay

I have always loved this time of year, I adore the little touches of the season- the decorations, lights, gift giving, little get togethers, hot toddies- but I mainly love how this time of year FEELS!! When I close my eyes I can feel “December” in my chest and the only way to describe it is that if feels MAGICAL!

My mom and dad love Christmas and they always did the best job at sprinkling little pieces of magic throughout December. Little things here and there that made me stop and look to the sky, or give me butterflies in my stomach. Traditions that were so simple- yet so big! We would go to my Aunt and Uncles on Christmas Eve, my dad would play records and make a fire (this was Arizona so it was probably still 75 degrees), my grandpa would make “grandpa eggs” and everyone would come to our house on Christmas day….I LOVED every part of it! Re-creating that "magic" is literally one of the things I looked forward to most when I became a parent. I anxiously awaited Ethan becoming old enough to understand so I could start all the traditions that he would love and look forward to for the rest of his life; (obviously, I did not fully understand the logistics of inviting an elf into our life year after year) but every morning when the kids rush down the stairs to find Elfie I am glad he is here!

I believe with all my heart that most people crave a little magic. It's why we look forward to holidays, or things, or trip like we do, but its great to realize that they happen all throughout the year. Life sometimes does not allow us to slow down enough to really take them in…but they are there!! Whit and I feel fortunate that we get to watch these moments everyday. We see the magic of someone walking in feeling really down and walking out better. We put things we need, or want out to the universe and watch the universe deliver in the best way. I feel big magical moments when I look into my kids eyes, or a small moment when I see 12:34 on the clock. Moments that you have no clue how it all worked out, but the result feels like a win! I can’t really explain why, but big or small, these moments make my day BETTER!!

Let’s all enjoy the magic of the season as the big days get closer and then remember to see the magic all year round!