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posted by- whit

SEAU… we are going to pick up where we left off…we started a new chapter in 2015 and we’ve been building & benchmarking for the last 2 and half years.

This pursuit has ALL the FEELS. We’re moms and friends that love to chase old yester-year team sport camaraderie and mix it with a twist of sweaty inspiration, goal getting and day drinking optionality...and we have been captains of a ship that keeps growing. We are learning that we share life with people on an interval basis- by the minute, the class, the week, the session and we are supremely aware of the impact of COMMUNITY-not so much WHAT we all do, but how it all ….FEELS.

And we are hooked on it ...and lots of Park City friends are too. It’s a secret spot sometimes; a safe haven to work ourselves to the bone, or to just to show up and see people that bring out the best in us.

This blog will now become part of the journey and we are certain that we can’t head anywhere without good music- so we’re picking song lyrics that will help us storytell about fitness, life and happy hour that starts in a Barn and spreads from there. (#musiciseverything)

Somehow in our worlds, all three (fitness, life & happy hour) support each other and the fusion of the three help us connect with those that maybe miss college days as much as we sometimes do. (#tailgaters)

We produce ever changing HIIT style programming, set super fun playlists, engage our incredible people, create networking opportunities, coordinate back of house everything, whip up retail offerings, serve tiny cocktails and work like drill set concierges ... but what we are really most excited about crafting is a FEELING…. a daily departure from life’s whatnot that is consistent and inspirational and refreshing. That's what keeps us all coming back.

We have been pouring our enthusiasm into giving Park City a fitness experience every time they step into the Barn and we are proud to present a glimpse into the society that sweats together in the heart of this mountain town and now….. beyond.

Wanna hook on and join us? We think you will love it.

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