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posted by whit

I get by with a little help from my friends
I'm gonna try with a little help from my friends

-The Beatles

Every story is full of chapters. This Barn chapter of my life is one of my most vivid-full of incredible characters and settings and moments- nothing has impacted my adult life like having children and then like having 300+ additional #framily members. We run that Barn, session after session and rarely ask for help or lean in to letting others help handle stuff for us- that's typically our jam.

Until last week.

The last 10 days have been their own chapter within the final Barn chapter and one that I will re-read in my mind often. The characters in this specific chapter are BeauCo members, NYC cabbies, my unbiological sister & wingman, Park City officials, a spin instructor, business owners, landlords, best friends, advisors, my traveling husband, my neighbor and a whiskey maker.

Interesting, poignant things transpired and asking for HELP was the only way they all happened.

On my 42nd birthday we broadcasted to all classes that our planned move was not possible (JAYBIRD is amazing BTW- it was another tenant issue). We were open to ideas and pivots, we said we needed some help and we were overwhelmed in the best way by texts, ideas, phone calls, meetings etc that were all put into motion that day. We left town that night to NYC for our fall Retreat and fielded info all weekend and had an amazing time gaining perspective with incredible teammates.

Then I lost my phone in a NYC taxi on the way to the airport. Against all odds and to the credit of the hustle of my friends and desperation on our sweet faces when we asked for HELP- an unknown cabbie angel called us back, got the phone back to our Brooklyn hotel and friends flew home with it and delivered it to my doorstep by 1am. I really can't believe it either.

We then rallied back in Park City to find a new location, secure a plan and do it in... like ... 3 days.

People guided us, people invited us to their own Barns, people made us laugh, people over delivered ideas. I started getting really comfy in this position because it just reminded me how GOOD people really are. It made me aware of how best to offer help EVEN if you can't fix the situation. Just show up via text, calls, check ins- it all doesn't have to be heavy.

One of my favorite conversations went like this:

TEAMMATE: "Whoaa, so we aren't sure if we are going to be anywhere by next Monday and having class?

ME: Ahh- I really don't know at this point

TEAMMATE: That's cool, if you could just let me know by 8:05am on Monday- that'll be great.

We cracked up. Sometimes the muck is actually hilarious and there have been moments of serious shit that made us laugh till we cried. Perspective is the glue that kept it all together and knowing that the universe is unfolding the way that it should.

And then the phone rang... and our chapter's hero arrived. A long time supporter and partner, Rob at Alpine Distilling called from his vacation in Florida. He said things like "BeauCo matters to this community", "let's work together to make Park City even better", "we have space for you", "let me help you".... "we have over 30 parking spaces and fiber optic wifi". And its words like that, that just mean so much. So we are headed to Alpine Distilling and it feels right. Whiskey, Woodies and Wi-Fi. Thats the kind of team spirit we are excited about.

On Friday, the final workouts at the Barn, all teammates had to keep the cardio line full the entire time. Hands had to go up when people wanted to get off the Woodies and Echos and people stepped right in to take over. The drill concept was to literally leave what you were doing in your own station when you saw someone that needed help in cardio and Lindsay and I watched this amazing teamwork class after class.

This kind of team spirit, the words on the wall, the way this Collective chose to rally and RISE last week HELPED make it for the best kind of Happy Ending at the Barn and we are GRATEFUL for every single moment.

Share the load this week- this offseason... HELP is way more fun and see if you can shift your mindset to WANT it and FREELY give it. If you feel stuck or life feels heavy this week, remember that most times help is how it all happens and how it feels better. No one is on this JOYRIDE alone. Right now-I’m even headed to meet the HELPERS-those willing to give up time on a Sunday to close out this chapter officially and I love them all. Not everyone can be there, but we promise light hearted fun for who can. We need each other and we value the higher love more than ever.

Happy Offseason, thank you for all the HELP BeauCo framily and here we GEAU!