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curve ball.

posted by lindsay

I grew up playing softball and was lucky enough to play for the best softball school (University of Arizona) and the greatest coach of all time! One of the hardest things I learned to do in my life was hit a softball. The issue is- not only is the ball traveling really fast, it moves everytime. You are up to bat, see it coming and it looks perfect, but at the last minute it will rise, drop or curve. It’s the reason that you can fail 7 out of 10 times and still be considered an exceptional hitter.

Curve balls are really common in softball, but maybe even more common in life- its funny that way.

Things can be going great and out of nowhere- life curves and requires more focus and determination and it can require us to really show what we are made of. I hate to watch people going through a tough time, but it often leaves me feeling so inspired. I'm inspired by seeing the best that people have to offer. It is easy to shine when life is going smoothly, but its when people are struggling, that they shine in a real way!

It can show the core of people...the fight and the hustle.

I face curve balls in life all the time. Sometimes I see them coming and adjust and sometimes I absolutely strike out; and there is no worse feeling than the latter. But..THAT is life! All we can do is try to learn and be better! Life is truly beautiful and even though we always can’t see it, there is true beauty in the struggle and failure. It makes the moments when things are going well even sweeter!

As you see a curve ball coming -you may swing and miss, but remember that you always get another pitch and opportunity to hit it out of the park! Hang in there, keep your head down and try to hit it to opposite field!!