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be fun

posted by lindsay

Today is the last day of our off season! The off season is a time for as all the step away from our normal routine and try something different for a week. We usually use the week to travel with family or bounce all over this town in ways that we normally cannot. We love it for a week, but by about today we are anxious to get back to classes!!

I spent this off season in Puerto Vallarta with my family celebrating my dad’s 70thbirthday. The only way to describe the trip is FUN!! Some of it was planned fun, but I realized on this trip that anything and everything with my family is a blast because they are all just plain fun. As a group they laugh easily and go ALL IN in every situation. We are the family playing beach volleyball, cheering as the hibachi chef makes us dinner, dancing at a VIP reception to live music, chatting with strangers in the pool and just enjoying every moment. I watched my family just living and l fell even more in love with all of them. I realized this doesn’t just happen when we are in paradise….it is how everyone chooses to live most of the time.

Sometimes fun is just a choice. You can spend so much time planning fun, but the most valuable thing you can have is the ability to choose to BE FUN!! When you choose to be fun it opens up fun to happen anywhere at any time. Being fun as parents is not always easy, but I truly believe it is what our kids will remember as adults! My kids react as if we are heading to Disneyland when I tell them they can eat dinner on the couch in front of the TV or I dance around the house…. they LOVE those little, fun moments.

This happens often in all the work we do at The Beau Collective. The workouts are hard- but we often hear the word fun used to describe them. We believe they are fun because it is serious work we do that we do not take too seriously. Whit and I met this week to work and on more than one occasion I found myself laughing until I cried. The work was hard, but I loved it because Whit is just FUN!!

When you are in a moment that is mundane, exhausting or just not what you want to be doing- just try being fun and see what happens. It may turn out that you enjoy cooking dinner more than you thought!!