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posted by whit

“Baselines”- we talk about them often in class- they are specific mini goals what we set out to beat:


Rowers- 200M under 1 minute

ECHOS- 5 CAL- under 25 seconds

Woodies- 15 CAL- under 30 seconds

15 Burpees- under 1 Minute

The list goes on...

We remind ourselves again and again that we can exert effort and attention in a more deliberate way when there is something to focus on, something to chase. Instead of just going through the workout motions, its something that can guide our time even more effectively. We take every 45 min class and push the pace to maximize your value. We supply baselines and challenges to keep a focus in class and we love watching that special kind of effort when people have a goal, not just a clock or screen to watch. We rarely dilly dally and we purposely keep everything moving to make it a better workout and for every teammate. We love our jobs. We love being goaltenders & baseline suppliers.

Our 21 day challenge is underway and there’s a variety of personal baselines that I see people establishing/chasing. The smallest ones make me the happiest sometimes, I know someone who is just trying to keep their car tidy for 3 weeks straight. Sometimes it’s about taking the time to just get clear, to process deliberate steps that we want & and maybe need to take and doing them. Life is a team sport and it’s our own roster of people that play positions that are important to the game. We share the load, look after them, push them as they push us. After I turned 41, I began meeting with a mentor/coach weekly to help me get clarity on things and try to apply the right baselines and distribute my efforts accordingly. I’ve loved it and I’m learning new stuff through an exchange of podcasts that I do with people. I’ve been running lately & working on business stuff & brainstorming new directions and ideas and I’ve noticed that I’m much better at all of these when I’m doing them with my people. The baselines become set and not all of it is easy, much of it is daunting and seems very adultlike when I still feel a bit college-y. But I’m grateful to have the will to try and fail and support feverishly those doing the same. I’m only where I am today because of those next to me and all the rooting we do for each other as we roll through the days.

So here’s to playing the game of chasing baselines and mini goals, clean cars, focused minds, not taking it all too seriously, and taking care of the team.

See you Barnside!